Jump into the driver’s seat of your anti-gravity vehicle and put your skills to the test in high octane competitions. Play locally with three of your friends in split screen or online against 7 other players from all around the world. Drive through abandoned mines in the depths of the earth, to dense jungle areas, futuristic cities, crossing vast deserts, and finally up into the stratosphere and beyond. Become a legend and master all courses at even the highest speed! Features: Race anti-gravity vehicles in this lightning-fast arcade racer Play with anybody, anywhere you like Zoom through 30 tracks set in canyons, alpine peaks, futuristic cities, and much more 15 futuristic racing machines Master the art of boosting and phase switching to stay ahead of the competition Splitscreen-multiplayer with up to 4 players Local play against up to 7 players Online play against up to 7 players Nonstop adrenaline-pumping action at 60 frames per second in 1080p Unlock the HERO MODE to play with new rules and new challenges!

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